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Entrevista a Marta Stelmaszak / Interview to Marta Stelmaszak

O prometido é devido! :)

Já podem ler a entrevista que fiz à tradutora polaca Marta Stelmaszak. A Marta especializou-se nas áreas Legal, Empresarial e de Marketing. Neste momento encontra-se em Londres, onde continua a oferecer os seus serviços linguísticos. Fiquem a conhecê-la! :)

Promises made, Promises kept! :)

You can now read the interview I did to polish translator Marta Stelmaszak. Marta specialized in the Legal, Business and Marketing areas. At the moment, she is in London, where she keeps on offering her linguistic services. Get to know her! :)

1. What was your motivation to become a translator?

I’ve always been a talkative child and I quickly learned how to speak. Languages have been around me since I remember and it was quite an obvious choice for me. However, initially, I wanted to become a writer back in Poland. It was only later that I realised I couldn’t just stop using English and French at all, so I decided to combine my passion for writing and languages.

2. What do you think about the translation market nowadays?

The translation market is a very vibrant industry, full of wonderful opportunities especially now after the economic crisis. Many countries are recovering from the recession and businesses are thriving, engaging in international trade more and more, therefore requiring more and more translations. I think these are excellent conditions to work in.

3. How has your experience as a translator been so far?

I’m enjoying it thoroughly and I think it’s a very rewarding career. I work mostly with small and medium businesses where there’s a lot of direct contact with your clients and you can see the impact of your work on their businesses.

In the past, I used to work as a court interpreter and I was doing predominantly legal translation work. This was also very rewarding, but challenging and often emotional. I’m grateful for this experience, but I feel much more fulfilled working in the business sector now.

4. Which characteristics do you consider essential in a good translation professional?

Passion, dedication and precision. Passion, because to be a really good translator you have to love the job and put everything into it. Dedication because sometimes texts can be really challenging and you have to push through them anyway. Precision because attention to detail is extremely important.

5. If you could give some advice to someone who is starting a translation career what would it be?

You’re likely to start your career as a freelancer. If that’s the case, don’t think about yourself as a translator only, but see yourself as a person running your own business. If you don’t do that, you can be the best translator in your language pair, but clients simply won’t find you. And it’s not really that difficult!

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